Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Art of James Cattlett, The Icon Series Show at Gallery 92 West.

The Art of James Cattlett.

Here are some random images from the opening reception of my art show.
Featuring the "ICON" series of artwork.

The Art Show was at Gallery 92 West.

Fremont Area Art Association.

Artist James Cattlett, poses next to his paintings. Photo By Jeremy Eckhart.

James Cattlett talks to some of the guests at the show. Photo By Knigge & Co. Photography.

Nice overview of a moment in time at James Cattlett's Art Show.  Photo By Knigge & Co. Photography.

Ray Charles by Artist James Cattlett. One of the works featured in the show.
James gave out mini hand signed prints of this image at the show.
 Photo By James Cattlett.

Here is one of the invitations for James Cattlett's show.  Design By James Cattlett.

Artist James Cattlett stands before some of his work in the show.  Photo By Cattlett Family. 

James Cattlett's Icon series of work.  Photo By Miranda B.
 Another nice overview pic of the art show. Great Turnout at Gallery 92 West. Photo By Knigge & Co. Photography.
Another view of James Cattlett art Show.   Photo By Emily K.

James Cattlett Art Show.   Photo By Knigge & Co. Photography.

Here is a nice article on the show. Article from Gallery 92 West by Fremont Area Art Assoc.
Here is their link:

Article By Fremont Area Art Assoc. Gallery 92 West.

Here is the Article from the Tribune: